COVID19 has placed entire states on pause and temporarily shut down local businesses and places of employment, ultimately altering our daily routines throughout the country.

Your local Commerical Cleaning Service, Imperial Cleaning Inc, has put together a few next steps to take in re-opening as we begin to flatten the curve, restrictions being to ease, and employees begin returning to work.


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Practice Social Distancing

According to CDC guidelines, six feet of space is recommended between people to prevent the spread of germs and particles from one another.

Take the layout of your business or office into account as you begin re-opening and your employees begin returning to work.

If possible, separate desks and other workspaces from one another and limit large gatherings and staff meetings. 

While we are all eager to reunite with one another, refrain from giving and receiving handshakes and hugs and express your excitement from a distance.

Implement Traffic Control Measures

Does your business receive foot traffic and come into close contact with the general public on a daily basis?

If so, one strategy to help control the flow of people coming in and out is to set up traffic control systems that help keep lines organized and moving in the right direction.

Additionally, setting up floor markers spaced six feet apart can help prevent individuals from crowding one another and keeping everyone safe.

Install Safety Shields

Does your business or office handle paperwork and other in-person transactions with the general public?

Installing a simple safety shield will protect your employees and customer alike and allow them to continue to engage with the public, perform and complete their required tasks, and greatly reduce the risk of any transmission.

Wear Face Masks

For the businesses and offices that have to deal with customers face to face, wearing a face mask can help protect yourself as well as your employees from germs being transmitted through respiratory droplets such as sneezing or coughing.

These droplets not only on surfaces nearby but can also linger in the air we breathe.

Cloth face masks sewn from household items or from other low-cost materials are some examples of masks that can be to cover your mouth and nose to help slow and prevent the spread. 

Sanitizing Stations

The first line of defense against any germs brought into your office and be as simple as setting up sanitizing stations in the entrance of your office or the lobby of your building.

Whether we are driving to work or taking public transportation, we are all exposed to a variety of germs prior to even starting the workday.

Strategically setting up sanitizing stations and requiring a quick sanitize upon arrival will kill any bacteria and germs that we have come into contact with.

Practicing Hand Washing Etiquette

Now so more than ever, it is extremely important to wash your hands regularly to do your part to combat spreading any illness.

To do this correctly, make sure that hands are wet and properly lathered with soap, scrub for a minimum of 20 seconds, rinse under clean and running water, and then dry with a clean towel or air-dryer.

Additionally, we must always remember to keep our hands away from our eyes, nose, and mouth.

Sanitize High Touch Objects

During a typical workday, multiple individuals come in contact with common high touch point objects such as counters, doorknobs, light switches, keyboards, printers, and phones.

Research has shown that COVID19 can remain on surfaces from a couple of hours or for a couple of days, making it important to regularly clean and sanitize these commonly touched areas and objects.

Implement the wiping down of these items during the workday upon arrival and before leaving to eliminate bacteria/germs and reduce the risk of transmission and illness.

Encourage Employees to Report Any Safety or Health Concerns

In these unprecedented times, many have reservations and fears, but also want to return to work and resume their daily routines. As we start to move forward, it is important to establish an open line of communication when it comes to any concerns regarding one’s health or safety.

We are all eager to resume work and be able to provide for ourselves and our families, but it must be in a safe environment and must not risk our health and the health of our families in the process. 

Protect Our Health

While we are all eager to return to work and resume our routines, It is important that we are mindful of others when it comes to our health.

If you are feeling ill, we encourage you to remain at home to prevent the spread of germs and illness onto others.

By doing our part to remain healthy and abide by proper practices, we can continue to flatten the curve and get our businesses back up and running.

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