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Imperial Janitorial Services

You are sitting at your desk when the phone rings. No one wants to be thinking ‘when was the last time these phones were sanitized’ when you have an important client on the other end. 

Imperial Cleaning Inc is here for all of your janitorial needs. Schedule your free quote today and give us a chance to earn your business. Finding a quality, reliable cleaning service can be a challenge but you can avoid the horrendous hunt by choosing Imperial Cleaning Inc today. Let us worry about when the phones were last sanitized so you can focus on business.

What To Expect From Our Janitorial Services

First impressions are vital in the world of business. Customers judge a business the minute they walk into the building and we want to help you make sure that impression is a positive one. Imperial Cleaning Inc has a professional staff that will listen to your specific needs. 

We will thoroughly clean your workspace. You can expect anything from mopping the bathroom floors to dusting the cobwebs off the ceiling. Imperials’ professional office cleaning services will vacuum, sweep and mop all floors, wipe down windows, window sills, ceiling fans, and light fixtures for all rooms. We will dust the furniture in the lobby, sanitize phones, and empty trash. The kitchen or break room will look like one in a magazine after we clean the microwave inside and out, wipe down chairs, tables, countertops, and sweep or mop the floors. The bathrooms will look like they have never been used after the sinks, toilets, and floors are cleaned and sanitized. 

You can expect nothing less than quality work from Imperial Cleaning Inc. We encourage you to give us a chance to earn your business. Give us a call today.

Our Service Goals

We strive to provide the highest quality janitorial services in Idaho Falls. We understand the needs of our individual customers and tailor our services to those needs. 

With a team of well-trained and trustworthy janitorial experts, Imperial Cleanings’ janitorial services guarantee a final result that will exceed your expectations and put you on the road to success.

Why You Should Choose Imperial

Imperial Cleaning Inc works for you; we tailor our cleaning to your needs. We use state-of-the-art cleaning and disinfecting supplies and equipment so our quality cleaning services will be completed thoroughly and efficiently. 

Keeping a clean office space can motivate your employees and boost office morale. Keep the stress levels low as we keep the sanitation levels high. You may think that doing your own cleaning is saving you money but we are saving you time, and after all, time is money. 

Your job is to focus on work. Let us do our job to keep your place of business clean by getting your free quote from Imperial Cleaning Inc.