Car Dealership Cleaning

Car Dealership Cleaning

Bring Performance Cleaning to Your Car Dealership with Commercial Cleaning Services from Imperial Cleaning

Our car dealership cleaning services are the perfect solution to keep your dealership sparkling and spotless, to provide the perfect showroom for your vehicles.

With our combination of professional systems, high standards, and guaranteed customer satisfaction, no one provides car dealership cleaning like Imperial Cleaning.

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Car Dealership Cleaning You Can Trust

High-Performance Car Dealership Cleaning In Idaho Falls

We Know Automotive Dealerships

Your dealership serves multiple purposes with a range of different spaces including offices, bathrooms, service bays, storage areas, and your show room floor. Imperial Cleaning car dealership cleaners are trained to deliver outstanding results in each one of these spaces. Our professionals will create a customized cleaning plan that accounts for every square inch of your dealership.

Smarter Car Dealership Cleaning

Imperial Cleaning car dealership cleaning services come with a range of cleaning advantages. Our professionals capture dust, dirt, and germs more effectively thanks to the microfiber cleaning materials we use. We also take it a step further and clean your air using vacuums equipped with HEPA technology.

Let Your Bathrooms Shine

Your car dealership’s bathrooms can leave a big impression on customers. With Imperial Cleaning, your bathroom will receive a floor-to-ceiling clean, including professional disinfection and odor neutralization.

We’re Certified, Bonded & Insured

Your local Imperial Cleaning professional is certified under the Imperial Cleaning program. This is an intensive five-week training program so we can ensure that your dealership is getting the the professional clean it deserves. Imperial Cleaning is also bonded and insured, offering true peace of mind for our clients.

Green Cleaning? No Problem

Our standard dealership cleaning services use eco-friendly products, systems, and strategies helping you to reduce your dealership’s environmental footprint.

We Work Securely

Our professional uniforms and ID tags make it easy to identify Imperial Cleaning dealership cleaners, helping you keep your dealership safe and secure.
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