Medical Office Cleaning

Medical Office Cleaning

Professional Commercial Cleaning Services For Medical Facilities

Hygiene and sanitation are most important in medical spaces.

For this reason, Imperial Cleaning relies on our process for medical office cleaning and disinfection.

This process includes rigorous protocols to ensure your workplace meets CDC, AORN, Joint Commission, and OSHA standards.

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Medical Office Cleaning You Can Trust

Sanitary Medical Office Cleaning In Idaho Falls

We're Trained In Medical Spaces

Imperial Cleaning’s cleaning process is designed exclusively for medical offices and facilities. Under this program, all Imperial Cleaning professionals receive rigorous training and testing in medical office cleaning and disinfection. Our process includes training, protocols, and cleaning standards for a range of medical-specific spaces. This includes but is not limited to waiting areas, patient rooms, surgical suites, terminal patient areas, and dental operations.

We’re Experts At Disinfection

Our medical disinfection system is unparalleled. Our medical office cleaning services include our Imperial Cleaning system. Our non-toxic and eco-friendly disinfection method that knocks out 99.99% of bacteria and viruses on contact. Unlike other disinfection systems, the Imperial Cleaning System uses a unique spray application that ensures coverage everywhere from door handles to computer keyboards, to even cloth.

We Strive for Health, Hygiene & Safety

Medical office cleaning services by Imperial Cleaning always put health and safety first. Under our medical program, we use strategies that reduce the use of harsh cleaning agents in your workplace, relying on non-irritating products whenever possible to ensure your workplace is safe for staff and patients alike.

We’re Bathroom Cleaning Specialists

Bathrooms are an important part of medical office cleaning by Imperial Cleaning. Our professional cleaners will carefully and diligently clean all bathrooms. This includes careful disinfection of high-touch areas like faucet handles, toilet handles, and paper towel dispensers.

We Use Color-Coded Microfiber Cloths

We use microfiber cloths to ensure your facility receives the best clean possible. Microfiber is the same material used in hospitals nationwide for its incredible dirt and germ trapping abilities. We also cloths color code our cloths based on room and area to prevent cross-contamination.

We Improve Indoor Air Quality

Each one of our vacuums is equipped with four HEPA-filters each. HEPA-filters allow us to capture dust, dirt, and airborne bacteria out of the air. This provides cleaner air and prevents airborne sicknesses. 

We’re Experts in OSHA Standards

Imperial Cleaning professionals are OSHA trained and will help ensure your workplace is compliant with all OSHA regulations and standards.

We Guarantee Every Clean

Every cleaning performed by the medical cleaners at Imperial Cleaning comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. In the rare case you find an issue after one of our cleanings, simply let us know and we will correct the issue within one business day.
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