Gym Cleaning Services

Gym Cleaning Services

Keep Your Members Coming Back With A Clean Gym

Hygiene and member safety are always a major concern while managing a fitness center.

Between sweaty equipment, bacteria-infested locker rooms, and the quality of air in your facility, you need a cleaning crew that can do it all.

With Imperial Cleaning gym cleaning services, your facility will see immaculate results after each and every clean.

Imperial Cleaning’s approach of proven processes, exact standards, and unparalleled customer service put our gym cleaning services on a whole new level.

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Gym Cleaning Services You Can Trust

Heavy Lifting Gym Cleaning Services in Idaho Falls

We're Trained To Clean Gyms

Gyms and fitness centers have challenges that few other businesses do and unique cleaning needs that only trained professionals would understand. This is why we specifically train and equip our professionals for gym cleaning. Our Imperial Cleaning program includes detailed training on the best ways to clean gyms and fitness centers, giving our professionals an advantage over cleaners who take a “one size fits all” cleaning strategy.

Disinfecting Smarter And Safer

Our disinfection system is an invaluable part of our gym cleaning services. With our system, our cleaners can safely disinfect any space and any surface. This revolutionary system treats surfaces with a germ-fighting protective shield, eliminating 99.99% of bacteria and viruses on contact. Best of all, our system is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and produces no harsh fumes or sticky residues.

Keep Your Bathrooms & Changing Rooms Sanitary

Our gym cleaning professionals are trained to identify high-risk areas for bacteria and eliminate bacteria in high-touch zones. This allows us to effectively combat germs in your bathrooms and changing rooms.

We Understand Gym Floors

Gym cleaning services from Imperial Cleaning will include the proper day-to-day care and cleaning of your gym’s floors. This includes any areas with carpet, tile, rubber, concrete, or stone flooring. 

We Clean Securely

All Imperial Cleaning professional cleaners wear full uniforms while on-site, making it easy to identify our professionals.

We Keep You OSHA Compliant

Each Imperial Cleaning professional is knowledgeable in OSHA regulations and will keep your business compliant with all OSHA standards.

We’re Licensed, Bonded, & Insured

Imperial Cleaning is licensed, bonded, and insured. This is a foolproof way to ensure your assets are safe. It’s also the best possible way to protect both you and your employees from any liability due to loss and damages.

We Guarantee Our Services

Our gym cleaning services are backed by an unparalleled service guarantee. The Imperial difference guarantees 100% satisfaction after each and every clean. If you ever find yourself short of 100% satisfied, simply let us know and we’ll correct the issue within one business day.  
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