Restaurant Cleaning Services 

Restaurant Cleaning Services 

The Best Restaurant Cleaning Service In Idaho Falls

Sanitary cleaning practices can either make or break your restaurant business.

When you choose Imperial Cleaning for restaurant cleaning, we’re more than just professional cleaners, we’re partners to help ensure your success and keep your customers coming back.

Imperial Cleaning offers everything you need to keep your restaurant healthy, safe, and incredibly clean.

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Restaurant Cleaning Services You Can Trust

Professional Cleaning Services To Make Your Restaurant Shine

We’re Trained In Restaurants

The professional cleaners who deliver Imperial Cleaning’s restaurant cleaning services are experts in restaurant cleaning thanks to our Imperial Cleaning program. This five-week program is taken by all Imperial Cleaning professionals and includes specialized training in how to clean restaurant-specific spaces, including dining rooms, food prep areas, and food storage areas.

We Serve A 5-Star Experience

We understand how important a positive customer experience is to restaurants reputation and success. With restaurant cleaning services from Imperial Cleaning, you will receive a detail-oriented clean that wows your customers. We’ll ensure every stray napkin, crumb, and dust particle are taken care of. You focus on maintaining a 5-star experience for your guests while Imperial maintains a sanitary environment.

We Keep Health Inspectors Happy

Your Imperial Cleaning professional will be well versed in all federal, state, and municipal health and safety regulations. When you partner with Imperial Cleaning, our team will work with you to ensure your restaurant is compliant with all OSHA safety standards keeping health inspectors loving your restaurant.

We Create a Sanitary Atmosphere

Imperial Cleaning cleaners don’t simply clean the surfaces in your restaurant. Thanks to our air filtration process, we literally clean the air breathed by your customers and staff. Our HEPA-filter vacuums trap dust, fine particles, and bacteria creating a cleaner atmosphere for your restaurant.

We Safely Disinfect & Neutralize Odors

Thanks to our Imperial Cleaning system, it’s easy for Imperial Cleaners to disinfect surfaces and neutralize odors in your restaurant. Imperial Cleaning Professionals use a safe and eco-friendly disinfectant to knock out 99.99% of bacteria on contact. This non-toxic, professional-grade cleaner, can be used on nearly any surface.

We Leave Bathrooms Clean as Can Be

Imperial Cleaning restaurant cleaning includes a detailed, wall-to-wall approach to bathroom cleaning. We pay special attention and deep clean areas where bacteria pose the highest risk. This includes areas such as faucet handles, toilet handles, toilet seats, and paper towel dispensers.

We Color-Code Our Cleaning Materials

We color code out cleaning materials and products to help prevent cross-contamination based on the areas they are used in. This helps to ensure that mops and cloths that are used in areas such as bathrooms are not used anywhere else. 

We Guarantee Our Work

To ensure consistency and quality on every clean, Imperial Cleaning restaurant cleaning includes periodic 50-point cleaning inspections. We also guarantee your satisfaction with every cleaning. If you fall short of anything less than 100% satisfied after a cleaning, let us know and we will correct the issue as quickly as possible.
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